Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Deepak Rao is invited by National Bank Of Oman & Times Of Oman !

Deepak Rao's Corporate Show sponsored by
National Bank Of Oman & Times Of Oman
at Grand Hyatt, Muscat
Felicitated by Indian & Pakistani Ambassadors to Oman !

Charisma LLC - Muscat’s dynamic corporate
event management team, books Deepak RAO
to baffle the Who’s Who of Muscat, at a
glittering evening at the Grand Hyatt on 1st Feb. 2004

The event sponsored by the National Bank of Oman & Muscat Hills was splashed all across Muscat in most leading Newspapers as a not-to-be-missed experience.


With front page articles on Deepak RAO in
the Times of Oman.... Grand Hyatt saw the glitteratti
of Muscat along with the Indian Ambassador
at this incredible 80 min. show, where Deepak RAO
enthralled the audiences with highly edu-taining
Extra Sensory Perception’ Show & Experience !

Ending with a standing ovation and with rave reviews in the press the next day, Deepak RAO promised to come back soon with yet another New Show.

Felicitated by Indian & Pakistani Ambassadors to Oman !

Deepak RAO’s ESP Book was purchased in bulk by Charisma LLC,
and each guest was given a complimentary copy as a part of the show.

Deepak RAO obliged the enthralled audience by autographing
over 180 books for all those people who waited patiently.

With over 425 Corporates (as of Mar. ’16),
booking him repeatedly – globally, for his
Incredible ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ Show....
Mumbai based - Deepak RAO
is India’s Numero Uno
Stage Star Performer and Corporate Celebrity !

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For further information....  ( +91 22 )  2446 4708
Office No. 1, Kirti Mandir, L. J. Road, Mahim (W), Mumbai – 16